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Consignment Application

We offer high-quality products at reasonable prices, and we're looking for consigors to help us expand our reach. As a consignee, you'll have the opportunity to sell our products on your own platform and earn a commission for each sale without any upfront payment required. You will be responsible for shipping and fulfilling the orders made through your platform or location.

Products Specifications

The Products specifications page is a dedicated webpage that provides detailed information about a Ozizo product's features, dimensions, materials, and other technical details. This page is designed to help potential customers make informed purchasing decisions by providing them with accurate and comprehensive information about the product.

Consignment Products Request

Consignment products refer to goods that are owned by us (Ozizo), but are offered for sale by the consignee. In this arrangement, the consignee agrees to sell the consignment products on behalf of the consignor (Ozizo) and receives a percentage of the sale price as commission.

Wholesale Products

Welcome to our wholesale shop page where we offer our products in cartons for your convenience. Each carton contains a specified quantity of our product, making it easy for you to order in bulk. Our products come in high-quality cartons to ensure that they are delivered to you in perfect condition. Browse through our selection of products and select the quantity of cartons you need. Our competitive wholesale prices and hassle-free ordering process make it easy for you to stock up on the products you need. Shop now and take advantage of our amazing deals.

Distributor Application

Ozizo is an emerging brand that offers high-quality and innovative products. As a retailer/wholesaler for Ozizo, you will have the opportunity to offer your customers a unique selection of items that are not commonly found in other stores. Ozizo's product line is carefully crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that every item is both functional and visually appealing. By becoming a retailer/wholesaler for Ozizo, you can establish yourself as a provider of exceptional products and attract new customers who are seeking a fresh and modern shopping experience.


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