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At Ozizo, we understand that in today's digital age, it can be challenging to find high-quality products and exceptional service. That's why we're proud to introduce our parent company, Danafko Impoxport US LLC, a new venture with a team of professionals from different parts of the world who share a common language of ease, business, beauty, and elegance.

Each team member brings their unique skills and expertise to the table, and we work together to create a world-class brand. Our culture is one of collaboration, innovation, and excellence. We are passionate about what we do, and we take pride in our work. We are committed to creating products that are not only beautiful but also functional and long-lasting. We value simplicity, honesty, and transparency, and we strive to make a positive impact on the world.

From the very beginning, we poured our hearts and souls into the creation of Ozizo. Countless hours of brainstorming, designing, and testing went into each and every product, as we tirelessly worked to perfect every detail. But despite the long hours and hard work, we never lost sight of what truly mattered - our commitment to creating products that are both beautiful and functional, that enhance our customers' lives and help them to make the most of every moment.

We believe in the power of simplicity, and we strive to create products that are straightforward, easy to use, and that solve everyday problems with ease. But make no mistake - just because our products are simple doesn't mean that they are lacking in passion. On the contrary, we pour our hearts and souls into everything we do, and our love for what we do shines through in every product we create.

We are committed to doing the right thing at the right time, and we take our responsibility to our customers, our community, and the environment seriously. We believe in transparency, honesty, and fairness in everything we do, and we are constantly working to improve our products and processes to ensure that we are doing our part to make the world a better place.

At Ozizo, we are more than just a group of friends - we are a family united by our love for life and our passion for creating products that reflect that. Whether you are exploring the great outdoors, commuting to work, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, we hope that Ozizo products bring a little bit of joy and happiness to your life, and help you to make the most of every moment.

Our mission at Danafko Impoxport US LLC is to provide our customers with an easy, hassle-free shopping experience. We believe that simplicity is key to making life easier, which is why we've designed our business model to prioritize it. We offer a wide range of high-quality products at reasonable prices, all with the added convenience of online shopping. And with our partnership with Amazon FBA, USPS, UPS and other leading shipping services, we offer reliable shipping that's comparable to Amazon Prime, so customers can receive their purchases quickly and efficiently.

In addition, we know that shipping costs can add up quickly, so we've worked hard to secure competitive rates with our shipping partners. This is just one of the many ways we strive to make our customers' lives easier and more convenient.

At Ozizo, we're committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and high-quality products. With Danafko Impoxport US LLC, we're taking that commitment one step further by making it even easier to find and purchase the products you need. Whether you're a wholesale or retail customer, we're here to help you simplify your life and make the most of every moment.

Our Business Profiles and Channels

Explore our business profiles and badges across various platforms such as Amazon, WhatsApp, Meta, and Square POS. Our profiles are designed to showcase our business and help customers easily find and engage with us. With our badges, you can quickly identify us as a trusted and verified business, giving you the confidence to do business with us. Check out our profiles and badges today to learn more about our products and services.

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